1. Pink Kitten to Caviar


This bright pink and blue scarf is 1 of 4 new designs from the latest Nicolle Dhimes, Canvas to Silk summer collection. Inspired by the original oil painting  "Kitten to Caviar" this ultimate chic fashion accessory is an all time wearable work of art. Pairs well with a scarf ring for a sophisticated silk top or as a protective veil worn with your favorite sunnies. View original artwork. visit  


2. Omi

This iconic equestrian silk scarf depicts bright patterns and vivid sharp details of "Omi".  Printed in 100% silk twill for a more flowy and fantastic drape, this double printed, reverse hem square looks great when framed. The silk scarf is usually worn as a statement headband, around the neck, or as a versatile top. 


3. Dancers 

This double printed silk scarf depicts bright and vivid french contortionists performing on stage. Uplift your style and wrap the silk scarf around your hair then wrapped into a turban.


Why wear silk scarves?


 I like when people dress elegantly, using unique or thoughtful pieces and accessories.  Since I feel my art demonstrates a fresh perspective, I thought it could be worn to complete this type of look.  Scarves are an all time power accessory, a must have in anyone's closet, and an accessory that will work with most outfits adding a provocative and uplifting elegance to any style.  Silk is elegant and timeless, so is my choice of medium for a wearable work of art.  The purpose of the Canvas to Silk scarf collection, is to take my art off the wall, and adorn the human body, making a powerful statement. Scarves, as well as being a much-adored fashion accessory, also provide comfort, protection and modesty. Whether one is wearing a trendy headscarf as a fashion statement or as a belt, wrist tie or handbag accessory it will forever have a permanent place in every woman’s wardrobe. View original artwork at

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