Nicolle is an artist living and working in Texas.

As a figurative artist and designer, Nicolle was originally inspired by Caribbean artists, saying “ Their electric colors and depiction of vibrant daily life, started my quest to capture moments by incorporating the techniques of Hockney, Picasso, and Magritte” her compositions explore femininity and shapes from abstract to real life. “ My preference is a palette of clean lines with cool and warm colors.” She continues to train her hand and eye by making studies of older and contemporary iconic works of art in particular, of female figures, interiors, still life, and nature. She starts her compositions by sketching one line drawings and illustrations modeled after photographs, memory, and vignettes encountered in life. She then distorts shapes and shifts colors to highlight details, add contrast, enhance shadows, and feelings that might have gone otherwise unnoticed. “ I aim to guide viewers into a world manipulated from a parallel dimension of reality into an imaginary alternate world.”

Nicolle depicts interiors and vignettes of homes in the Hill Country and Bahamas, employing warm pink red tones, to evoke a woman’s feeling of comfort and nostalgia, for her body of work “Inside Light.”


Texas hill country , 60x40, oil on canvas, 2021


Arches; New Eternal City

37"x5" OIL ON CANVAS, 2020



21'x31", OIL ON CANVAS,2020