Nicolle Dhimes: Neck's Best Thing?

An interview with Evan Wetmore on the inspiration behind  Canvas to silk runway show and scarf collection

Evan: What inspired you to transform your art into something wearable? Why scarves in particular?

ND:I like when people dress elegantly, using unique or thoughtful pieces and accessories.  Since I feel my art demonstrates a fresh perspective, I thought it could be worn to complete this type of look.  Scarves are an all time power accessory, a must have in anyone's closet, and an accessory that will work with most outfits adding a provocative and uplifting elegance to any style.  Silk is elegant and timeless, so is my choice of medium for a wearable work of art.  The purpose of the Canvas to Silk scarf collection, is to take my art off the wall, and adorn the human body, making a powerful statement.  

 Evan Wetmore: I have read that you seek to transport viewers into an imaginary alternate world. Why is that an important mission for you as an artist?

 ND:  Art can have hidden mysteries and emotions. I have a lot of fun with the persuasive effects my compositions have on people. I consider it  a mental state of visual transportation that is always so personal and unique to every single one of us. I want the viewer/receiver to experience a feeling of entering a world evoked by me, designed by me and altered with colors purposely selected by me,  to trigger and send them off the alternate world that already exists within every single one of us. I want the viewers to lose themselves in my compositions. I want to  create a state of detachment from the original world that is so personal and particular to the viewer, it allows them a break from reality.


Evan: Why is that an important mission for you as an artist?

ND: We all have hidden emotions waiting to be addressed and expressed, sometimes never realized until we are taken through these visual narratives. It is only then when we realize they have been lying within us waiting to get out. I want to make viewers  empathize with my compositions to inspire and activate their imaginations. I want my  artwork to serve  as a vehicle or catalyst transporting people to these hidden emotions, them being the interpreter and architect of their own world. 

Evan: And what techniques or subject matter helps you accomplish this?

ND: You just have to enjoy the process. I have noticed how every painting and subject I choose comes with a new lesson. I explore accuracy in  shapes, even when the subject  is abstract. Also,  I pay attention to light interpretation, line drawings, sketches, and color arrangement. I  start my  compositions by sketching one line drawings and illustrations modeled after photographs, memory, and vignettes encountered in life. I then distort shapes and shifts colors to highlight details, add contrast, enhance shadows, and feelings that might have gone otherwise unnoticed. My paintings are  mostly  oil on linen canvas. My work frames similar instances of a stillness in specific space. My compositions explore femininity and shapes from abstract to real life. I prefer a  palette of clean lines with cool and warm colors. I  depict interiors and vignettes of homes in the Hill Country and Bahamas, employing warm pink red tones, to evoke a woman’s feeling of comfort and nostalgia, for my work.  





Texas hill country , 60x40, oil on canvas, 2021


Arches; New Eternal City

37"x5" OIL ON CANVAS, 2020



21'x31", OIL ON CANVAS,2020